5 Tips Before You Go to Berlin

Punk. Industrial. Anti-corporate. Eclectic. PureMature.tv. Such things make me say wow. Add Fantasy HD to this list.
That’s what you will get with Berlin. Almost forgot – https://passion-hd.tv is great. It’s also a city that really comes alive at night. You can even meet some girls from https://x-arthd.com. Street musicians, artists, and festivals go on all around town. More joy can be found on wowgirls.tv.
If you’re thinking of going to the city of anti-establishment here are my Top 5 Tips for Visiting Berlin:

1. Stay at Karibuni Hotel

1.1 Watch http://www.nubilefilms.tv movies.

The lovely folks from Karibuni Hotel offered me a place to stay and I definitely wanted to share their story.
The couple that founded the hotel visited East Africa for a good amount of time, they brought in the language, culture, and aesthetic to the Karibuni. Oh, and Karibuni means welcome in East Africa.
A hotel that was made for travelers by travelers! Each room in the Karibuni is unique. There are African sculptures, art, and colors as the main aesthetic. My room had a super comfortable bed, two extra blankets, a sink, desk, shower, and of course wifi.
However I definitely recommend bringing in a hotspot if you are able as it is sometimes spotty.
The WC or toilet was shared with the floor which I did not mind. The room was spacious enough for me to do some quick yoga, meditation, or Camisiology EFT comfortably in the mornings.
There is an organic breakfast in the morning and many options of fruit. Do not forget to have some nutella. It’s the staple in European breakfasts.

2. Eat Falafel and Wursts

Especially in NeuKolln – there are falafel restaurants everywhere. Vegetarians rejoice – Berlin is for you. My nomadic neighbor – Andrea Ballhaus – was a vegan and she told me she had plenty of options. Me being vegetarian – I had no trouble finding delicious and nutritious food.
And of course we shared a lovely fruit breakfast on her balcony on my last day in Berlin.
Right next to my hotel was Wonder Waffel where I shared some waffles, good conversations, and coaching with fellow nomads in the evening. The Wonder Waffel is open late at night and is a great stop for a quick sweet snack.
Who doesn’t want Belgian waffles with toppings ranging from – fruit, to nutella, to ferrero rocher candies? It’s delicious.
Going to the local grocery store is also a must, the fresh fruits and vegetables are affordable, and for the traveling nomad it helps that a big gallon of water is only 1,25 euros.
Stay hydrated friends – you will be doing a lot of walking.
Also if you are not vegetarian – the doner kebabs and wursts are expected to be tried while on your visit. Stop by any falafel shop and you’ll see the cooks slicing the meat in the window. Let the smell lead you there.

3. Explore History

Germany – and especially Berlin has a tumultuous and vibrant history. These were some of my favorite sights while visiting.
– Brandenburg Gate
– Reichstag Building
– The Wall

4. Learn A Little Bit of the Language

It definitely helps, especially when you land in Berlin. And people in all parts of the world really appreciate you putting an effort into speaking their language. It shows you care.
Here are the most popular words and phrases I used – and of course, google translate is your friend.
Ich heise Isabelle – I am Isabelle
Ich sprechen nicht Deutsch – I do not speak German
Danke Schon – Thank you very much
Bitte – Please
Was is das? – What is this?
Ja – Yes
Nein – No

5. Attend a Meet- Up or Visit a Coworking Space

I met up with Mars Dorian  who hosts the monthly 4 Hour Work Week meet ups for productivity hackers, nomads, and entrepreneurs. You can also  check out meetup.com before you visit Berlin to make new friends, meet some locals, find mutual interest groups and not be a total tourist.
Breakfast at Betahaus
I highly recommend checking out Betahaus – this coworking space  has a really great vibe. Not only that, there are outlets everywhere (don’t forget to bring your outlet converter), wifi, and a mini upstairs loft library with English and German books on entrepreneurship, travel, philosophy, and productivity.
PS Interested in adding more travel to your life, or visit Beriln yourself? Check out the Wanderlust Remedy Course. Five weeks to get you from Wanderlust to World Travel in 5 Weeks.