Case Study – The BellaVie – 3 Steps To Grow Your List Organically Using Social Media

When growing your list a lot of people believe that they have to throw money at the problem and it will grow itself. I want to show you otherwise.

Eleanor, on The BellaVie Team, began experimenting with list growing content marketing strategies and we had a huge success. We want to show you the step by step process so you can replicate it yourself.\

1. Get Strategic and Focused.
If you’re just posting things on social media to post them without the goal to inspire, make better, or support people that may lay eyes on your brand… then you won’t bring results.
Write down what your goals are:
1. Growing your mailing list
2. Increasing sign ups to your class
3. Creating brand awareness
4. Launching a product
2. Build branded content that is focused on your goals.
If you are launching a new e-course, product, or sharing an event make everything be related to that. A perfect example is how we grew my mailing list. Eleanor noticed the branded human images – instead of just invitations to sign up – converted into more clicks and sign ups.
Before when we were scheduling social media, it was useful content that was posted here and there with invites to purchase a program, promoted press posts, and opting in to the newsletter.

There was NO FOCUS.
Once we focused on list building and changed the images and copy to personal branded photos of me – it was more personal. People want to connect with the people behind the brand, not just the brand itself.
3. Keep Testing and Learn to Listen.
Your ideal client knows what they need. Learn to listen and create all of your content to serve them.
It’s not about you.
Yes, people want to know what you’re up to. But they also want to know how you are make the world a better place, or how you are serving them, or what problem you are solving.
Whether it’s blogs, videos, memes, periscopes, or whatever new content there is… center it around the client.


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