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After deciding on skipping the 4 year degree college path it was up to me to start creating a life I loved on my own terms.

And I am so grateful that I can help others do the same.

I signed up for community college with the intention of doing the whole 2 year and transfer plan. However, I fell in love with film and started taking classes in that domain.

But, I wanted more.


I wanted adventure.

I flew on a plane to China and co-founded The Global Education Partnership that creates opportunities for cross-cultural learning in the East and West. Add a sprinkling of curriculum development and teaching English abroad and I was hooked!After that adventure I came back to the States set on finishing up a two year degree in film.


Back and forth with the the admissions office, lost paperwork, and registration fumbles were taking up more time than my actual classes and so I left…

Again on another adventure – and while on my explorations abroad,

I was working from my laptop.

At this time I was blogging furiously, and drinking in as much knowledge about online marketing and blogging as I could. Needless to say #growthhacking was my new favorite hashtag and I started seeing what clicked in the online world (and still am).

  • I worked at an EdTech startup and had to organize meetings with tech influencers like Bill and Melinda Gates.
  • I made a documentary on my working abroad and about how student loans are enslaving Millennials and setting up the country for failure.
  • I spoke at conferences on how to use social media to grow your reach and get jobs.
  • I went on press trips to write about touristy sights and conferences.
  • And I helped women from around the world get organized in their online businesses so they felt clearer, lighter, and more strategic.



Are you ready to create a business using your passion and talent to get you traveling?


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