5 Things You Must See in Paris

Since I was in middle school I dreamed of visiting Paris. The city beckons with museums, history, haute cuisine, music, and culture. While being a digital nomad in Paris I choose the way of the flaneur – the aimless wanderer – and I collect sights, sounds, smells, and textures.

There is so much of the city to explore – use the Parisian Metro to get around – it’s so simple to navigate. You may also be on the receiving end of a free concert or two. Just purchase a 10 pack for a few Euros and then go through the turnstile.
Now on to the adventure and for the full experience listen to this playlist while reading the rest of this blog, it will set the mood.

Here are my top 5 things to do when you visit Paris:

1. Sacre Coeur
When I was living in Paris I stayed in Montmartre – the bohemian and artistic part of town. There were cafes on every corner and a magic in the air of where Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Amelie Poulain roamed the streets.
Montmartre is where the Sacre Coeur Cathedral is located. Hop on the metro and stop at Lamarck-Coulaincourt, head up the stairs. And a few more stairs, and just a few more and you’ll reach The Sacre Couer Cathedral.

Now, the three reasons I highly recommend visiting a Cathedral and why it’s number one on my list…
If you want the highest point of where you can see all of Paris – visit Sacre Couer. Yes you might have to push through some of the tourists – but when you get to see the whole view of the city of light up at the top of one of the oldest cathedrals in Paris…
You will see what I’m talking about.

Dali museum right around the corner from Montmartre
The second reason is that if you love Amelie Poulain as much as I do – then you will see the carousel, the church, and the views that Amelie had seen. You can literally walk in her footsteps.
If you do not know who Amelie Poulain is – watch the movie. Now. Go do it.
The third reason to visit The Sacre Couer is because of the mystic grounding it brings. No matter where in the world I end up – I believe everywhere is sacred space. But when there is intentional sacred space it shifts your energy.

Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Atheist. Those moments of inspiration, deep insight, and love that transcend become apparent when you walk into a collectively intentioned space.
I took a Sunday to sit in on a service in the hallowed halls. Each step, each breath in the collective space was more profound then the next. A wave of calm swept over me and I wish it on everyone that visits this city.

2. Eiffel Tower

I dreamed of standing underneath the Eiffel Tower for 7 years before it actually happened. Visiting Le Tour Eiffel was a little bit of a pilgrimage for me.
I set up the whole day as Le Tour Eiffel Day. When you go to see it, definitely make it a whole day excursion. If you want to climb to the top then you will need to wait in line, take a metro, and avoid plenty of tourist traps.

Typically when I travel I avoid all of the touristy destinations – but this one was necessary.
Wherever you stay in Paris and take the Metro from you will see signs that state which stops you will want to get off at for the Eiffel Tower.
The tower is much bigger in person than I imagined. It is beautiful in its strength and detail. So much intricacy and so much power. Just stand underneath it – that’s really all you need.

3. Paris Cafe Scene – L’Etoile de Montmartre + Le 2 Moulins

Cafe culture is ubiquitous in Paris. Better get in on the cafe scene before you look too much like a tourist.
I lived right across the street from L’Etoilie de Montmartre a beautiful corner cafe that served delicious tea, chips (fries), and entrees. Do not order the vegetarian plate – you will literally get a plate of raw cut up vegetables.

Take it from me.
However the croque madame from L”Etoile de Montmartre is delicious and amazing. Emmentaler cheese melted on top is fantastic.
The other cafe you must visit is Le 2 Moulins. I had a delicious honey baked brie, with garlic potatoes and a salad. What made it though was the dessert. Mini creme brulee, raspberry fruit parfait, mini apple crumble, and a mini latte.
C’etait delicieuse!
You can expect to pay about 7 – 12 Euro a plate. You can always explore different cafes around the city and of course there are plenty of carrefours and fran-prix supermarkets to create your own cafe scene at home.

4. Le Laptop

Camille Wu from Camisiology.com and I did our live webinar and class from Le Laptop – founded by the adventurous female entrepreneur Pauline Thomas.
You can watch “How To Launch Your Passion Based Business” Workshop in The BellaVie Library when we filmed at Le Laptop.

This space is wonderfully nestled away in Paris. With open space, plenty of fast wifi, tea, and a lounge area – it is the place to be for a location independent entrepreneur.
Pauline also shared with us upcoming workshops, partnerships with Adobe, and classes that are being held for designers, web developers, and entrepreneurs.
When you’re looking for a cool space to work this is definitely a spot to hang out.

5. Paperdoll Boutique in Montmartre

This beautiful little boutique shows the latest up and coming independent designers in Paris. Each piece has a story to tell. And of course I fell in love with a gorgeous pair of shoes made by an up and coming designer.

Located just steps away from The Moulin Rouge you will definitely want to peek inside. Candy Miller the owner of the boutique helped me find my size, shared the story of her shop, and loves helping independent designers find a home.
Whether it’s a unique accessory, a pair of shoes that will make your whole ensemble tres chic, or you would like to bottle a unique Parisian perfume – explore this little boutique to really get a taste of the one of a kind Parisian fashion.

Maybe you might even leave with your signature fashion piece.
Tell Candy that you heard about The Paperdolls Boutique from The BellaVie. You will make her smile.

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